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Wanted to thank Shantae for the wonderful 15 years of gaming. Her Adventures are fun and her antics are hilarious. I cannot find any other genie that can make this more amazing.

I know this isn't much to say on this to a group but I wanted to announce that today marks her 15th year since she made her debut.

If you want to discuss about it, let me know on the comments. Thank you all for taking the time reading this post and for a consolation prize

Check my newest tribute image...

Genie realm Guardian - Shantae's Mother - Asimah by hachimitsu-ink

Despite the original year of concept was around 1994, it was still amazing to see how far she has accomplished since she finally made her debut in 2002. THe first concept art was abit less ambition but it takes alot of time to have a beautiful NES like quality for a game to push the boundaries on a Gameboy color game.

only a handful of people manage to realized it's potential. It's a game about a half genie trying to save the land of sequin from the trecherous priate "risky boots". Throughout the adventure she has to find stones, talismans, markings and do odd end jobs to save the town from her clutches. During her travels, most of the townsfolk always have a tendancy to forget shes a valuable Guardian to have but often mistreats her significantly. Blaming her for the damages that wouldv'e been prevented or ill-misfortune causes from risky herself.

Risky and shantae are the best characters in the game as one wants to cause mischief and take control over the land while the other protected it but causes some miscalculated scenarios of consequences it would've been easy to prevent.

Often times, this always leads to her uncle, mimic. No matter what new invention he creates, Risky is always there to take it and mis-use it for her own deeds.

Through the travels, she battles scorching heat, wet grass lands, deep forests, and Cemetaries of the dead just to accomplished one of the pieces to achieve. New creatures always happens to be around every corner, big or small. The most iconic villains of them all who happens to make alot of attenion happens to be squid baron. Always often being as the silly iconic lowest rated boss / midboss of the game is now granted the recognition he finally deserved.

Wayforward has put alot of details and attention to this series but often ended up with complications with publications from nintendo to fucking Capcom..  (FUCK YOU CAPCOM). It was nice for wayforward to find other alternatives to publish their game under the Digital Distribution licensing. Nintendo was the obvious choice to have, followed by other services such as Steam and other hardwares. It takes a fan chant to have the real hard copies of the game, even if they are only limited to a handful for the consumers.

Wayfoward was hit with many problems on the way, but it takes a team and some connections to get the job done for us fans to be appreciated.
After the sucess of Their kickstarter campaign ( I reALLY WISH I ATTENDED IT before hand), Their struggle still continues on as they have to answer countless amount of emails, all to which asks the same question " where is my Kickstarter reward tiers".

BE cautious for they are a small company who works very hard to get things to be accomplished, I know some of you who want their rewards made so they can keep it as a momento to know that a company really cares how they value their mascot. While others who often rather sell off their shares to die hard fans who's willing to pay a high price for it. (STARING Angrishly to those who won the autograph bids of 2k or MORE!!!!).

I want to thank wayforward for producing a game involving a beautiful fun genie game for there isn't much involve with that theme as it once was. Female genies are very rare to find and having it as a video game is more rare then finding alternatives. Sure you have prince of persia and assassins creed who often featuring belly dancers in a game, or thers other fantasy rpgs that has genies or fighting games that has PSEUDO like genie particle effects. In the end, shantae still stand out the most for her abilities and uniqueness qualifies as an actual genie game that often tells gags and fun stories to tell. Except game genie, at least that device is fun to use and has the ability to challenge your perception to enhance your gaming experience.

Congradulations shantae for reaching 15 years in the making. I know fans would love it to have you featured in smash bros, but you have to know this.
YOur not qualify to be in it becuase you are not ready, the company knows your not ready as well. The fans want you in just to have a larger fan base or to make your name being well known. It's best that your fan base stay small and continue to stay small because if you have a huge uproaring fan base, then people like those who are against the rights of an artists free will of interpreating how women should look like will haunt you and curse your name. This is not somehting i would love nor appreciate.

Shantae, thank you for your adventures and hope to see your next one come with surprises.

- hachimitsu - ink... (Formely known as demitri scaramanga)

P.s. Even though your not in smash, congradulations for making your debut in Runbow. It's a good consolation of a prize game and it's wonderful to see other characters making their cameo, including lilac from Freedom planet and shovel knight from shovel knight!

Ps.s IF you want to discuss more about genies, we love to hear from you so please join in on our discuss group:::
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