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Shantae physical copies by hachimitsu-ink

All are sold out now!... I did my best to give out the word incase if you wanted one. I hope you get one, if not, well at least you try though.
(i just found this out in the morning and got a chance but not sure if my orders went through or not)


SO Limited Run games is now selling The physical retail copies of Shantae: risky revenge AND Pirates curse!
So far the first batch has been sold out since 10:20am (eastern time)  and a second release will arrive shortly at 6pm (eastern time).

Both versions also has a special reversible Poster on the back of the cover, but I do not know how many they are and what types of posters they offer.

Would like to say if your a huge fan and want a PHYSICAL copy for the ps4.. or for collection purposes!..
get it while you can since theres only
6,000 Copies available..

As of now, There MIGHT be only 1500 LEFT once 6pm starts..
Best of luck to you all who manages to get them!
I caught a cold.. yeah its not looking good on doing work here and there with princess jasmine since each day I need to apply a coat onto her!..
but witht his cold, its soo difficult to concentrate.

After much heated debate, I am noticing a slight pattern on scores. First off, watermarking / adding your name is important! otherwise, thefts will take your artwork and used it against you. :icongamemaster999: submit his work first, but his artwork was stolen and was resubmitted with poor paints!...

Another problem i am noticing is that the term interests usually means in favor. THis is slightly correct but this was change into an algorithm. So take scores of Eye sensitivity + Visual effects add them together, and then Divide that by 3 (there are three judges). Thats the score you get for interests.

Another problem i am noticing is that the image has some negative space... this also cause a factor because balance is the key component.

Story Does count as Bonus points, but it also helps describe what was happening to the image itself! So even if you did an amazing job, it helps to explain your piece what was going on.

With much heated debate on declaring the winner, we had to settle on what to remove and what to ad.
For example: When doing an oc character.. it can be your own character as well. I noticed people did other peoples OC character, but that is considered to be fan art if it doesn't have any ties to the original artist but another artist instead.
The debate of having OC character as a point system was later removed because the rules stated that OC/fan art is allowed.
Profile was another i had to add. SO that was a must have to grade, 3 contestants did drew characters but failed to tell me who is it!, ONE of them has to be disqualified because it was using an existing licensed character!

With that said, i think it's time to announce the winners!…

The date to begin the contest starts 2/1 and will end at the month of febuary.
The contest is a genie transformation contest. This should prove how far you have accomplished on your artistic skills and creation.

The theme Is genie related, but it has to be a genie transformation Contest. It can be a character who was transformed into a genie or a genie that is in the process of transformation. bottle suction or appearance can work as well.

~ R u l e s t o f o l l o w ~
This contest is heavily involve with a point grade system.
- Adult entries are allowed (but the prizes may be shifted to a different structure)
- OC / fan art are allowed
- if you are going to submit.. please mention my icon name, that way I know you are already done. Failure to do this will reduce the point system by alot!
- Photoalteration/ partial tracing / CGI wardrobe is allowed but points will be slightly reduced
-Collaboration is allowed, but can only be 2 people.
-your only allowed to submit 1 art submission, but something like this is allowed (just be aware that only one image will be graded):

warning about collaborating with another person:: Both of you will receive only HALF the cash prize and NOT the figure!
if your entry is late, points will be reduced!

~ The point system ~
This system will be used to grade from visual effects to balancing the image as a whole. Eye sensitivity is also a key factor so becareful with the choice of colors.

Bonus Points are awarded extra if the artist presents some unique information regarding about the artwork piece.

- OC Character profile (zero points if it involved a Licensed characters)
- A small short story with the artwork piece attached
- The amount of effects you can use from blending or drawing smoke textures
- bonus points are added slightly more if it involves towards my interests! (crystal, keba, jasmine....Paimon...etc..)

~ P r i z e s ~
The prizes are going to be added if more people joined in on the competition... so far i only have two on the list, but the more the people joined in, the better the prizes appear..

First Wish (First place) - Genie Slave Princess Jasmine Custom Disney infinity
-this figure is still in the works.

So far i have already started on the process but may take some time to get it done before the contest ends. If the figure is delayed and your feeling impatient, then we can discuss what other prizes or interests you have.
== if you do not want the figure, the cash prize is $30 ==

Second Wish ( Second place) - Ninjini (Scarlet or regular)
-this is a skylanders genie figure. It's what i have right now but I will use this as stepping stone for scond place.

== if you do not want the figure, the cash prize is $20 ==

Third Wish (third place) - unknown
-still looking for a third wish
== if you do not want the figure, the cash prize is $10 ==

Alternative Prizes im still currently looking at::
= If the adult artwork is amazing and impressive then this might be on the list, but again this is a huge MAYBE…

= Commission artwork from :iconhachimitsu-ink:

= if more contestants show up:: Genie/mermaid amiibo custom is on the list, you choose a character and I will turn it into a reality..
to see some examples please look heree...

if you guys have any questions.. feel free to comment on the board!

People who are interested in joining:
As of this moment, All artworks WILL be rejected if they are misplaced!..
if you want your artwork to be a genie of the day, then you may have to receive the following qualifications, otherwise i have to reject them or redirect them!..

So far the following items CANNOT BE ALLOWED

Because its transformed, it no longer applies to "GENIE" instead its a transformation. If she turns into a mermaid, it belongs to a MERMAID group. NOT GENIE!

Shantae - Pirate Curse (has to have a lamp only)
Pirates curse is AFTER she lost her genie powers, it means SHE CANNOT USE GENIE POWERS, her powers are Stolen and gone. NO MORE PIRATES CURSE SHANTAE!.. she just joined the Pirates life!

sorry but this time, i seen alot of pairings and this does disrupt the flow.. so has to be shantae alone!!!!! if she wants to be a partner with someone then there better be evil shantae as well!

Sorry but now i am taking one step further.. I want only ninjini, scarlet, or mini.. NO OTHER SKYLANDERS allowed!

Low experienced modified Anime sprites..
I received alot of Artworks with very little effort on photomanipulations. I think it is time to stop this and reject the artworks! Of course you can take a doll figure and just modified it but seriously i find this unfair and cheap!. If you cannot draw, please take the chance to do it on your own. DO NOT USE PREMADE SPRITES OR anime bodies just to make your own character.. DO THEM..

Seriously I cannot have genies battling the faces of evil of jafar or any other series branch. It's too much now. whoever made this, your self promoting too much. As of now this group is starting to lose it's interest on genies and just focused back on other franchises. If you are going to make a full battle epic, try to put more effects and balance it out!

Once again, I am taking a stand and going to be strict on artwork submissions! I got alot of works comming in so for now.. NO MORE!!!!
Hello Fans,

I decided to do a new contest this year and this time, I will give a three-month premium-membership to the winner.

The theme is a story about my OC David after he was turned into a genie.
Setting Things right - Ending 4 by hippo2
Tell us the tale of him meeting his first Master or Mistress and how David grants their wish(es). The Story should fit into my Martha universe. The genie rules to obey are:

   The genie has to grant one wish minimum to whoever holds the lamp (but they can decide to grant more wishes - This means you can decide for your story how many wishes David will grant his master/mistress).
   Genie's can't kill. (Inanimate transformations don't count as killing, since the consciousness of the victim is bound inside the object and the victim can be restored.)
   They can't bring the dead back from death.
   The Master or Mistress can't wish for more wishes, than the genie had promised to grant.
   The Master or Mistress can't wish that the genie is bound to him/her for an indefinite time.
   The genie is not allowed to bend the free will of another person (e.g. making a person fall in love with the master)

Try to keep David roughly in character according to my stories: He was the heir of a hotel in Switzerland and engaged with Amelia Maus. One of his employees was the genie Martha. Unfortunately, David thought that all genies are evil. To teach him a lesson, Martha turned David into a genie and bound him to her old lamp. Now David can prove himself if all genies are evil or not. Martha teleported the lamp away so David will meet his first master, where your story will start.
Please use paragraphs to make your story readable. Also avoid orthographical faults as good as you can.

Language should be english.

Extend is 2000 words maximum.

Deadline is May 17th; 18:00 Central European time.

Only one entry per contestant is allowed.

Price: I will give the winner a three-month premium membership. And I will draw a picture for the story.

Post your entry before deadline and write in the description that it is for the contest. Then inform me about your work.